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Moving Charts to a New Platform

I’ve talked about moving charts before but it was on the same platform such as moving them from your old Android phone to a new one. However these days people are also changing platforms such as from Android to an iPhone. In this article I’ll show how to do this whether it be Android, iOS or Windows.

Windows to iOS JyotishTools Pro

  1. Select Utilities->Export Charts
  2. Save the Charts.db backup file to Documents
  3. On a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc) log into icloud.com
  4. Select the upload button (add image here) at the top
  5. A file dialog opens and select the backup file you’ve saved.
  6. The file will be uploaded to your iCloud storage.
  7. On your iPhone or iPad version of JyotishTools Pro from the menu select Import Charts and select the file you just uploaded to iCloud.
  8. Charts from that file will be imported into Pro.

Windows to Android JyotishTools Pro
Is pretty much the same as above except you log into your drive.google.com account instead of icloud.com and upload the charts backup file there. Then follow the instructions 5-8 above.

Android or iOS to Windows

Here we reverse the process given above.

  1. Select Export Charts on Pro and export either to Google Drive or iCloud. Either will be provided as an option depending on platform.
  2. Once your charts are uploaded to Drive or iCloud select Import Charts from the Utilities menu on Pro.
  3. Select either Drive iCloud where you’ve saved the charts file and select that file.
  4. Charts from that file will be imported into Pro.

Android to iOS

  1. On Android select Export Charts from the Utilities Menu on Pro
  2. (test this) Select icloud.com as the location to save the chart (you will be asked to log in)
  3. Save the Charts.db file to iCloud.
  4. From your iOS device select Import Charts on Pro and select the Charts.db you just uploaded to iCloud.
  5. Your charts will be imported into Pro.

iOS to Android

We reverse the above process

  1. On your iOS device select Export Charts on Pro
  2. (test) Open drive.google.com and log into your account
  3. Save the Charts.db file there.
  4. On your iOS device on Pro select Import Charts and import select the file you just uploaded to Google Drive.
  5. Charts from that file will be imported to Pro.

What About JyotishTools or Tropical Skies?

The same steps given above should work. JyotishTools for Android saves the charts as JTCharts.db and Tropical Skies as TSCharts.db. However the file format is same regardless of the app or platform used. You also can rename the chart file anything but it is recommended to keep the .db extension. These two app have the menu items under Backup and Restore in their menus.

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