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New Online Find Chart Tool

Find Chart is a few new online tool that I’ve added to the JyotishTools website. It’s handy for finding the date of a horoscope chart published in a book or even for finding a Muhurta date.

Update: Find Chart has been updated to work with both desktop and mobile. Instead of drag and drop a planet is selected from the drop down list then clicking on the desired sign adds the planet to the chart. To change the sign just click on different sign. A selected planet may be removed from the chart by clicking on the trash can icon.

Find Chart supports both northern and southern charts. Those familiar with southern charts will probably understand how it works immediately. Once the planets are filled out on the form then click the Select button to list dates that apply. If unsure then begin with the slowest moving planets like Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter.

The search is limited for dates between 1900 to 2100 mainly because it is a small app that runs on your computer.

For Northern style charts click the link given at the top of the default FindChart page. Since we are dealing with charts that don’t have a date and often no degrees we need to use a fixed sign northern style chart. And since the app is HTML it is not possible to do a traditional diamond chart so instead a northern hybrid chart (also available in JyotishTools Pro) which is laid out the same as the traditional chart with the first sign at the top in the middle and signs go counter clockwise. Because we need to use fixed sign then Aries will be the middle sign at the top.

Here is an example of entering a chart from a sample horoscope.

Click Here to run FindChart

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