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    If you are having problems with this app refresh the page. Mobile browsers may have the old script cached which won't work.

    This app uses cookies to preserve the settings for continent and country so you don't need to set them every time. By using this online horoscope generator you agree to this.

    Note! The atlas has been updated to include a search input and list to make it easier especially for mobile devices to find a particular location. Enter one for more letters to update the city list. For instance enter an "m" to find cities beginning with the letter m. The search input and list will be shown once a country is selected.

    Atlas listings are limited to places with a population of 15,000 and above. However if you know the time zone, longitude and latitude those may be entered manually. If Daylight Time is in effect for the country the zone will be adjusted (for dates from 1968+)

    While most mobile devices will provide a widget for the date and time some desktop browsers may not. In that event enter the date as YYYY-MM--DD and time as HH:MM in 24 hour mode.

    Note that you can also save your horoscope from your browser's File menu as Save Page As.

    Be sure to check out NEWS for more tips on using the online horoscope.

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