Be sure to unblock support@jyotishtools.com if you email us and want a reply. Unfortunately like most small software developers we do not have resources for phone support.

JyotishTools Pro Dark Mode

JyotishTools Pro (like many apps) currently does not support Dark Mode. On iOS you will need to turn Dark Mode off before running the app. Though this has been fixed for the next release unfortunately Apple has changed some other things which is delaying that release. On Android light mode is handled automatically.

JyotishTools Google Drive backup problem.

The app logs in but doesn’t back up the chart database. Currently looking into though the Google Drive upload system was updated months ago to use the latest method but Google seems to have broken the upload part. However there are plenty of workarounds. You can email the chart to yourself for a backup (available from the menu). You can open the JyotishTools folder from your device Settings->Storage->Internal Storage->JyotishTools. Some versions of Android come with a Files app you where you can find the folder too. You want the JTCharts.db file and once selected you can back it up any way you want including just manually saving it to Google Drive. This problem does not occur on JyotishTools Pro.

Delayed JyotishTools Pro update.

Google was supposed to shut down the old server for Google Drive which Pro was using back in late December except when I tested the last version of Pro in late January it was still active. Since it has been turned off and I have updated the support of the new method. It works but not the way I want so I have a support issue submitted ith Google which is delaying the new Android version (the new Windows 10 version has been released). As far as backups to your charts go those get backed up automatically to Google Drive (look under Backups on Google Drive).

JyotishTools Android version 198 already has the new Google Drive support.

Moving charts to a new phone.

JyotishTools, Tropical Skies and JyotishTools Pro all provide access to move your chart database to the cloud. Then on your new phone you can retrieve that database from the cloud for use in the app.

On JyotishTools and Tropical Skies with any chart open in the menu select Backup/Restore then select Backup Charts to upload the database to Google Drive. On your new phone select Restore Charts to put that database on your new phone. The following YouTube videos demostrate how to do this:

JyotishTools: https://youtu.be/lMLgvpoonio

Tropical Skies: https://youtu.be/UqcSGQjmeYE

JyotishTools Pro provides the same option under Utilities in the menu. Depending on the platform you can backup and restore your charts using the cloud drive for that platform. Here’s a YouTube demo of the Android phone version and all other versions operate similarly with iOS using iCloud.


Note on Windows you can save the database to the Documents folder and archive it where you want as well as import from the a chart database in that folder. You can also backup the database to OneDrive or any other online backup by selecting it with folder dialog. Chart databases may also be restored from online backups.

JyotishTools and Tropical Skies

Update or install may crash when first run on some devices. If so just run again and it should work. If not contact support.

JyotishTools Pro Saving Bhuktis as Text

Saving Bhuktis as Text is only available if English or Sanskrit is selected in Settings. Glyphs cannot be saved as text since there is no standard way to display them.

JyotishTools Pro Android 1.16 House Signs

Version 1.16 for Android phones accidentally shipped with House Signs glyphs on for Northern charts (as well as Northern Hybrid) as the default. If you want house sign numbers just go to Settings and switch off House Signs. This does not effect the tablet version.

Android Activation Hang

Important! If any of your JyotishTools Android apps are stuck in “Activating…” you need to install the latest version of Google Play (version 10.7.19 or higher) as there was a bug in the version Google released early July 2018. This has impacted many apps available from Google Play.

JyotishTools Pro

Since JyotishTools Pro is a cross platform app available on both Windows 10 and Android support information will be found on the desktop support section.

Tropical Skies crash with version 160. Solution update to 161.

This was due to Auto Backup trying to backup Google Maps which has no support for that. Auto Backup has been removed from the app. It’s only use would have been for your Settings and any default location. You can still backup these up from the menu under Backup/Restore. If you move to a new device then supposedly the settings will get restored automatically. However the reliability of this may vary from device to device.

New to Android?

You might have noticed you don’t get much of any kind of manual with today’s mobile devices. The idea is you should “explore” and you’ll soon learn how it works. Back keys or buttons (hardware or software) will take you one screen back like the way a browser works. If you are at the top screen then it takes you out of the app.

The Home key or button move the app off screen but not exit it. Doing this when you intend to close an app may result in running out of memory.

JyotishTools Android – Google Play

There are two different installations for JyotishTools on Google Play. Devices with screens less than 10” will get a portrait (taller than wide) layout. While those with 10” screens of 1280x720 or more will get a landscape (wider than tall) with all info on one screen. Some folks want that on 7” screen but it would be difficult to navigate smaller widgets. The 10” version is not available on Amazon’s App Store.

JyotishToolsAE – Amazon

Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices are just the basic Android API and do not include Google Apps including Maps. Though Amazon has their own Maps they only work on Kindle Fire devices so they are excluded from JyotishToolsAE. Since the large atlas is available Maps are less likely to be used.

Tropical Skies – Google Play

There is only one installation of Tropical Skies Astrology on Google Play. Though principally portrait rotating the device will show the chart and aspects in landscape.

Tropical Skies AE – Amazon

Like JyotishToolsAE does not include Maps.

Using GPS

It may take up to two minutes to get coordinates from satellites depending on where you are.

Google Play licensing

If you downloaded and installed JyotishTools or Tropical Skies you will still need to be connected to the Internet for the app to register when first run. It will check again later outside of Google Play’s refund window for final registration. Keep that in mind if you are planning to go someplace where you won’t have an Internet connection.

Moving to new device

Android apps are single device licenses. Though Google has a way to put the data from our apps in the cloud during transition this is a rather new feature and I’m not sure everyone wants their horoscope databases in the cloud. Currently your charts are in either JTCharts.db or TSCharts.db in the JyotishTools folder and can be moved using file utilities on Android to a location you can download or even email for installation on your new device. These databases are not deleted when you uninstall the app.