Be sure to unblock support@jyotishtools.com if you email us and want a reply. Unfortunately like most small software developers we do not have resources for phone support.

JyotishTools Pro

If you do not see a map displayed when selecting Map on the chart entry display, click the Settings icon on Windows 10 and select Privacy then scroll down and turn on Location for JyotishTools Pro. You may need to turn that on for Maps too which will also be listed. There is an option to have All Apps use location at the top of the page.

On Windows clicking on Junior Jyotish, JyotishTools or QuickCharts files will not launch the chart. Instead use Utilities from the menu to import these charts. A future version may allow for launch of these chart files from Explorer (Windows only).

JyotishTools for Windows SWREG

Digital River has replaced SWREG with MyCommerce Share-it. If you have previously purchased from SWREG and need to contact them your data has been migrated to MyCommerce Share-it.
Contact MyCommerce Share-it

JyotishTools Pro Windows 10 Devices Glyphs

Probably due to recent security updates the original JTProFont.ttf won’t work because internally it was named myastro2. This is the updated zip file with the myastro2.ttf which is also in the app itself but needs to be installed to the Windows fonts folder. To print charts with glyphs in JyotishTools Pro for Windows you will need to download and install this font. To install unzip the file and click on myastro2.ttf, select Install at the top of the font preview. Glyphs will not be displayed in the preview since they have a higher font address than the alphabet shown.


JyotishTools Pro (all platforms)

Windows version: on the Microsoft Store if you run into a download error code: 0x80240013 follow the instructions here to troubleshoot the problem:


Android version: the year setting for the graphical ephemeris only lists years from 1980 through 2100 though the Windows version can display years from 1600 through 2399 showing the current selected year centered in the list. Unfortunately on Android it opened a list starting at 1600 so until this development platform bug gets fixed I’ve limited the year range.

The newly added Muhurta Tool uses the currently open chart as location. The next version will have a button for changing the location from the tool itself.

JyotishTools for Windows

Though JyotishTools for Windows is over a decade old it can still run on newer versions of Windows including 7, 8 and 10. If Windows 10 rejects the keycode then right click on the JyotishTools icon and select Troubleshoot Compatibility. It may recommend a Windows 7 compatibility mode and have you run the program. The keycode should work with that setting. Be sure when prompted to select always running the program in this mode.

However it should be installed by right clicking on setup icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”. This way if you purchase a key you won’t need to re-enter it every time you run the program, which might prove to be a bit annoying.

When purchasing a key don’t use anything other than ASCII for your user name. Though the key generator can generate keys from non-ASCII input the Windows framework used in the program can’t read them properly.


There is a small built-in atlas. At the time many astrologers already had the ACS Atlas and ACS provided a plugin for developers to read from it. That support is still there though it may not work with the version that AstroLabe now sells as the PC Atlas.

Time zones

Back in the day when most astrologers had struggled with calculating charts themselves everyone knew that zones west of GMT (UTC) were positive as in +8.00 for PST and negative for zones east as in -5:30 for India. Newer astrologers who look up zones online will be seeing the opposite because the most general use of time zones is for figuring out the time in a city when GMT is known. We know the time of the location but need the GMT (UTC) time for planetary engine. Hence the opposite values.

Junior Jyotish

Over the years I’ve tried to keep the download for this program small. Originally the installation was not complex and resulted in a small file. More recent builds require a different set of DLLs for to work. Unfortunately Microsoft did not chose to include these DLLs in later versions of Windows. So a few years back I created a “static” version where those DLLs are built in and a simple installer used. However for most computers that killed printing.

So until I can build a version with the complicated installer Microsoft provides the download will not include the required DLLs and instructions will be included as to where they may be downloaded though in some cases they may have been installed by another program.