JyotishTools Apps for Android

The original JyotishTools for basic use and available since 2009 on Google Play.
Simple and easy to use. Click here for details and demo video.

JyotishTools Pro for Android, iPhone and iPad If you're looking for more and with many of the features of the original JyotishTools for Windows this is the app for you.

JyotishTools Pro for Android demo video

JyotishTools Pro for iPhone and iPad demo videos

For western astrologers Tropical Skies Astrology for Android is available on Google Play and Amazon.com. The Google Play version includes access to Google Maps to find locations not in the Atlas.
Click here to check out the demo video and the list of features.

Other Android Astrology Apps

Also available on Google Play is GPS Prasna, the first Vedic astrology program for Android and Quick Jyotish. Both are free.