JyotishTools Pro for Android

On Android JyotishTools Pro is available for phone and for tablets.
Due to lack of interest the landscape version for tablets has been discontinued. The portrait version works fine on tablets.

Get the Android version

Features Include:

  • Four chart styles include a wheel chart with aspects indicators.
  • Vimshottari dashas list beyond 120 years when scrolled (useful for mundane astrology).
  • A transit chart that with changeable date and slider to adjust the date 30 days on either side or adjust the time over 24 hours.
  • Wheel transit chart with biwheel.
  • A full information report including strengths, signification of the planets in the horoscope. This page is also available as a printout.
  • Printable horoscope page including selected divisional chart, transits and dashas.
  • Printable divisional charts page.
  • Bhukti group list.
  • Systems Approach Triple Transit Report
  • Thirty Day Planetary Strength Report
  • Aspect page for planets and Systems Approach MEPs
  • Ephemeris
  • Graphic Ephemeris for tracking transits
  • Muhurta Tool
  • Utilities for importing and exporting charts for backup.
  • Sort the horoscope database by ascendant and save the list as text.
  • Save all horoscope notes into one text file.
  • Save the chart info report as a text file.
  • Save the current horoscope listing as a PNG image.

Looking for the iPhone or iPad version? Click here.