JyotishTools has been developing astrology software since 1998 beginning with the first free Windows vedic astrology program Junior Jyotish. Next came Jyotish To Go for the Palm platform. In 2003 JyotishTools for the Pocket PC was released and followed by JyotishTools for Windows.

Later other programs such as Quick Jyotish for Linux and Windows was released and later a version for Java which can run on a variety of computers.

In early 2009 to take advantage of the built-in GPS in Android devices GPS Prasna was released. This was a natural for those who wanted to do a Prasna chart at their current location. This was followed by an Android version of Quick Jyotish. Both these programs can be found for free on Google Play.

JyotishTools for Android was launched in the summer of 2009 and followed a year later by Tropical Skies Astrology both available on Google Play. Also versions for Amazon Kindle Fire can be found on Amazon Apps as JyotishToolsAE and TropicalSkiesAE.

JyotishTools for Windows and Android feature support for VK Choudhry’s “Systems Approach”.

Lately JyotishTools has released two hybrid casual games Drone Dodge Crash the Drone both available for free for Android on Google Play and as web games on Clay.io.