Jyotish Tools for Windows

Jyotish Tools Windows Screenshot

$49.95 USD****.

Please note that all sales are final, no refunds. Download the fully functioning 30 day trial first to see if the software fits your needs.

Version 1.86 for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista**, and Windows 7***. Version 1.86 removes Moon Not Bright Systems Approach rule.

Our deluxe upgrade for the popular Junior Jyotish with many of the requested you requested. These include a built-in atlas and support for the standalone* ACS Atlas if you have it installed on your computer. Support is included for the current Systems Approach rules with Systems Approach analysis including transit influences over natal planets and natal influences over transit planets, Systems Approach coded display of planetary periods. Additional features include:

And much more. Try it for yourself by downloading the program here.
which is fully functioning for 30 days. Purchase a key here for the program to run more than 30 days.

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*ACS Atlases included in other programs will not work, just the standalone version. Note that version 3.x offered by AstroLabe may not work with Jyotish Tools. We have been unable to obtain an update to test this version.
**A couple problems have been reported with Vista machines but the results are inconclusive as they may have been caused by viruses or hardware problems. As always try the free trial first instead of immediately ordering.
***Tests on Windows 7 shows that the program runs. The program may crash after the registration key has been entered but when run again is okay and is fully registered. Windows 8 users may need to run the program "as administrator" for it to maintain the registration. Any additional problems may be due to hardware or viruses.
****Prices in other currencies are also available by selection on the SWREG order form.