Please note I reply to almost all questions to However some users apparently have this address blocked or overlook the replies thinking I have not replied. Either 1) make sure your email does not block or 2) look through your email for replies from that address.

Also please specify the name of the softare and platform. There is JyotishTools for Windows and Android and three Android versions. Also mention the service the software was purchaseds such as SWREG (for Windows), Google Play and Amazon App Store for Android. Provde as much information as possible about the problem. Don't just say "it doesn't work."

Android apps cannot be licensed between Google Play and the Amazon AppStore. So if you had Jyotish Tools or Tropical Skies from Google Play and you get an Amazon Kindle you will need to purchase the app again for the Amazon Kindle. This is also true going from Amazon to Google.

Some folks have reported problems when launching the updated versions of Jyotish Tools Android or Tropical Skies after downloading the update from Google Play. Both of these apps have grown 10 times in size as to install a 7MB comprehensive atlas of locations with a population of 100 or more. This means the size of both apps have grown from around 450KB to around 4 MBs. That means there is a greater chance of a bad download especially if your data connectivity is not good. From Google Play's help section on downloads:

" Note that for any download attempts from Google Play on the web, you must have strong connectivity on your phone or tablet at the time you push the download from"

If your carrier doesn not provide at least 3G connectivity it is often better to use wifi for an update so you get all the file not just part of it and to avoid a corrupted file. As far as I can tell Google does not use a checksum to verify a download so retries may be necessary if the app won't launch correctly.

In some cases the download was fine but users reported strange behavior which turned out to be a lack of memory. These apps need memory for their bitmaps and some users had a bunch of apps running that they had never closed and the Android engine was having difficulty freeing up memory from them. Close your apps when you are not using them especially the JyotishTools apps!

JT Exchange is a free new desktop and laptop utility to exchange JyotishTools Android apps horoscope files (JTCharts.db and TSCharts.db) to JyotishTools for Windows and Junior Jyotish. It also can import and export quick chart files used in QuickJyotish as well as a number of other astrology programs. The program is easy to use, just click on the Help button in the program for full instructions. Updated to version 1.02 which will process Pocket PC JyotishTools files.

JT Exchange requires Java to run. Click here to download JT Exchange (2.6 MB). Works with Windows, Linux and MacIntosh computers. Just unzip the file and click on the JTExchange.jar in the folder.

For those with the Kindle Fire be aware the the Options Bar is software implemented and should appear at the bottom of the screen. You may have to touch the app display to make it appear. Both Tropical Skies AE and Jyotish Tools AE have a Menu for changing settings. The Options Bar looks like this:
Options Bar
The Menu icon is the one that looks like a list. For further help and explanation of Kindle Fire functions read here:
Kindle Fire Navigation

Download Jyotish Tools for Windows 1.86 update (must have previously installed the full version).
Your download will begin in a few seconds.

Where are the Windows Mobile, Palm and Apple pages?
Windows Mobile is all the way up to version 7 and I didn't want to try to support it with Pocket PC program build for that was built for version 3. Palm became WebOS, discontinued by HP and not supported. The Apple program was actually a Java app and the interface needed revision to run better on Macs. A revised Java version that works better on Macs can be found on the Home page under What's New.

Purchasing Software:
Make sure you print off and keep a copy of your email receipt and backup the software you downloaded. For an additional fee Extended Download Service and Registration Backup Service are available at the time of your order. Note that with Jyotish Tools for Windows the full version is available here online and the key is only required for it to run past the 30 day trial period.

The PDA full versions are only available at the time of purchase or with the extended download service. JyotishTools is not a backup service. If you lose your copy then you will have to reorder the program again. So backup your software and save your registration emails!

Using Jyotish Tools for Windows with 16:9 displays. Most computer monitors sold these days are 16:9 aspect ratio LCDs. Jyotish Tools was designed on a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor. Hence some windows may cut off information at the bottom. To correct this just resize the width of the Jyotish Tools window until information at the bottom reappears. Usually Jyotish Tools will keep this width the next time you run the program.

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