JavaScript Tools

These scripts contain useful algorithms for astrology programming. Feel free to use them in your own programs.

BhavaCalc 1.01
This script calculates the ascendant, midheaven, Julian Day, Lahiri ayanamsa, the bhava madhya and bhava sandhi listings for bhava charts.

LunaCalc 1.03
This script calculates both the parallax and non-parallax positions of the Moon for a horoscope. The parallax view is where the moon would be if viewed from the location of the horoscope. It can vary as much as one degree and many astrologers will argue that Indian astrology is based on topocentric or visual locations. The program displays the dasha, bhukti, pratyantar periods. It displays the next main dasha period and date, the current dasha period and the difference in years, months and days between the two methods of calculation. Also displays the Moon's nakshatra for both calculations.