Apple Compatible Software

Quick Jyotish Java Picture Quick Jyotish Java for Apple, Linux and Windows computers
Version 1.4

Java is a platform independent method of creating software programs. Many computers come with Java already installed and there are many applications that use Java. Open Office is a Java suite of programs. Quick Jyotish Java is a conversion of Quick Jyotish to the Java platform. It will run on any desktop or laptop computer which has Java installed. Many Apple Macintosh users have inquired about software for their Mac. This version runs fine on a Macintosh with Java installed.

Quick Jyotish is a small horoscope chart program which is a desktop version of our Online Chart generator with the addition that it uses a planetary calculation engine that accepts dates from 1600-2300 AD and saves charts in the Quick Chart format (importable into Jyotish Tools for Windows and Pocket PC). This version unlike the FLTK2 version supports printing.

Download Quick Jyotish Java.

This version does not work with PDAs or mobile phones.
Special Android phone version.