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JyotishTools Pro for Tablets and Phones

Now includes two new hybrid chart styles!

More information: http://jtblog.jyotishtools.com/post/2018/04/16/introducing-hybrid-charts/

** Available for Windows 10 desktop, laptops and tablets with 7 day free trial!**

** Watch Demo Video Here **

More and more people are using their mobile devices as their center for working with horoscopes. JyotishTools Pro adds features such as endless dashas handy for mundane astrology. You can scroll through decades of dasha periods including beyond 120 years. Pro also has more Systems Approach features including a 30 days forecast. You can also print charts. Now including wheel charts with aspects and biwheel for transits.

Pro is available on Android in two versions: one for tablets and one for phones which can also be run on tablets. The tablet version is a much requested layout that will work on 7” tablets and up. Pro is availble on Windows in landscape mode for Windows 10 desktop, laptops and tablets.

I have free demo versions on Google Play so you can try before you buy. Both demo and full versions require Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.

JyotishTools Pro Demo for Phones

JyotishTools Pro Demo for Tablets

Windows 10 version comes with a 7 day free trial.

Read my article on the JyotishTools Blog for more features and news about JyotishTools Pro.

Other Mobile Apps

Original mobile apps for Android including the original JyotishTools for Android
and Tropical Skies Android for western astrology.

Desktop and Notebook Software

The "Classic" JyotishTools offers the popular JyotishTools for Windows featuring support for VK Choudhry's Systems Approach. Also available are some free apps for Windows and other platforms running on Java.


Games are a new thing here at JyotishTools though I have been developing games for years that were available elsewhere. These games are available as free Android apps or as free web games.

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